Weight Loss Part 1: 5 Ways to Move More

There are a few people close to my heart who have chosen to embark upon a weight loss journey in 2016. They are all facing significant weight loss in hopes of changing their lives and their health for the better. They share many things in common, one of which is a shift in perspective where they are now looking at health and longevity as critical to their happiness, their marriages, and their families.

Take the fact that I’m incapable of choking back unsolicited advice and combine it with my own experiences with weight loss, and you have the birth of a series of blog posts where I unleash all of my weight loss do's and don'ts. 

To lose weight and develop healthier habits, you need to focus on exercise, nutrition, and your relationship with food. It’s not easy to change your daily life, but with the right tools, it’s an achievable goal. There is power in the transformation and you learn so much along the way. In the end you’re healthier, happier, and feeling better. So I’d say any difficulty faced along the way is well worth it.

What everyone says about weight loss is true: move more, eat less. It’s a simple formula, but we all know simple doesn’t necessarily mean easy. Let’s start with “move more,” shall we?

No one has time to work out. Just like no one has time to go back to school, or find a new job, or see the dentist. Make the time. Excuses don’t produce results.  

Find your no excuse workout time. Everyone’s home and work commitments differ. Find the time of day when you are not bumping up against other commitments and reserve that time for exercise. Consider your commitment to this time as sacred. That magical 30 minutes or an hour is your time to move your body and improve your health.

For me, I have to get up and exercise. I still go to 5:30 a.m. exercise classes, even though I don’t have a job to rush to at 8 a.m. Beginning my day with exercise has so many benefits. My stress levels are lower, I feel more focused and productive, and I don’t have to keep up the energy to knock out a workout after work. It works for me. Experiment and see what works for you.

Recognize there are no shortage of opportunities to find a workout that fits just right. The fitness industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry. There is something out there that you are going to love, or at least sort of like.

If you feel your most centered and connected when out in nature, hike, walk, run, bike. Get outside and move. If you feel really stressed about making the time to work out, check out exercise videos on your cable company’s “On Demand” options, find YouTube instructors who inspire you, or purchase DVD’s and jam in a sweat session in your living room. If you’re disciplined and self-motivated, hit the gym and follow fitness feeds online to get new ideas for moves to incorporate into your routines. If you’re like me and love fitness but lack self-motivation, try group fitness classes. I joined a gym (Hi Core Values Health & Fitness!) that only offers group fitness classes. The community vibe makes me excited to go to class and I am the strongest most toned version of myself because of these classes and my fellow a.m. warriors.

The world is your fitness oyster. Get out and play!!! The right exercise for you will make you feel accomplished, strong and hopefully, joyful. Please don’t punch your computer… Fitness is fun!

Make healthy movement decisions all day long. Park your car a little further away and add a few more steps to your day. If stairs are an option, get climbing. Take a call on speaker phone, stand up and stretch during the call. When running multiple errands in one shopping center, park in the middle and walk to each store, rather than driving to each spot. Use your lunch break to take a walk. Here’s one that used to drive me crazy at my last job, but I’m going to tell you to do it anyway. Instead of calling or emailing your coworker, walk to their desk and have a conversation.

These will become habits in no time and you’ll find that your body in motion feels a lot better than your stagnant body.

Turn exercise into your own happy hour. Jillian Michaels is one of my biggest fitness inspirations. When she was asked how someone can lose weight and still go out for dinner and drinks with their friends, she responded with a very simple, “Stop doing those things.” I’m not going to tell you to stop having a glass of wine with friends, but Jillian has a point. You have to cut back and make new decisions. This doesn’t mean you have to turn into a hermit.

One of the really incredible side effects of starting this blog is that when I reach out to friends to get together, the standard “let’s get a drink” has been replaced with invitations to go for a walk before work, attend a barre class, and grab a green juice. Meeting friends and exercising together is an excellent substitute for all those restaurant dinners and high calorie cocktails. I promise there is someone in your life who would love to catch up AND walk around the neighborhood.

There you have it, five ways to move more. Next week we’ll tackle everyone’s least favorite part of losing weight, eating less. And then we’ll talk about how none of this matters unless you can come to terms with your relationship with food and your body. WHAT? Sorry guys, it’s true.