Setting Intentions for 2019

Here’s why you won’t hear me saying “New Year, New You;” it’s predicated on the concept that you weren’t good enough the year before. If you intentionally hurt other people, or were somehow malicious or nefarious in your behaviors – you may benefit from molding a “new you.” For the rest of us who are doing the best we can, we were all enough in 2018.

My friend Alex and I are challenging “New Year, New You” in the January Women’s Circle. We’re asking the Circle, “New Year, SAME You – What Are You Gonna Do About It?” Our vehement opposition to New Year’s resolutions may have instilled our theme with a bit more aggression than was intended. In actuality, “New Year, Same You” is an invitation to acknowledge a simple fact: You carry you wherever you may go. Which is the reason we’re asking the Circle to work with intentions instead of resolutions.

An intention is a window into our beliefs and values. Writing our intentions at the beginning of the year with a bit of quiet reflection is a way to articulate that which we seek to bring to the world. These written intentions are an anchor when life becomes chaotic. Reading our intentions may help calm the storm. It may provide us with guidance on choosing a direction that is truest to our self.

Intention setting can be challenging because we are much more practiced at goal setting. Goals are akin to doing. Intentions are akin to being.

A friend of mine had her baby shower earlier this month. She was pro-open bar for her guests and anti-baby shower games, making her a goddess among men. Her baby shower host somehow managed to sneak in one “game,” which serves as the unlikely inspiration for the intention setting framework below. We were invited to complete sentences for Baby Cali like, “I hope you get your Mom’s…” and “I hope you learn…” Alex gently told me we were not using the baby game for the Women’s Circle, which is great, because now it’s going on the blog.

Please use whichever prompts below are meaningful to you. I’m including my answers in addition to the prompts just in case they spark a valuable insight for your own intentions.

  1. I intend to dedicate myself to: a life of service.

  2. I intend to nourish: my sense of inner peace to bring greater clarity of purpose to my life.

  3. I intend to explore: deeper, more meaningful relationships with my family, friends, and partner.

  4. I intend to release my fear of: achieving what I want most in this world.

  5. I intend to ignore: my sharp-tongued inner critic.

  6. I intend to find: more love, more joy, and more kindness to share with the world around me.

And for extra credit – I intend to revisit these intentions when I am challenged by others, in stressful situations, or when faced with big decisions.

 I wish you all a very happy New Year!

May 2018 have been filled with love and learning.

May 2019 hold treasures you couldn’t have ever imagined.