A Fiery Peace - The Beginning

It’s enlightening and a little bit embarrassing to see some of the posts I published way way back in early 2016. There are moments where I read an older post and say to myself, “Yah, girl! You got something good here!” But there are plenty of moments where I have to give myself a moment to reflect and release all the judgment that swoops in so I can say to myself, “Wow, look at how much you have learned in two and a half years.”

All that being said, you are welcome to comb through the origins of A Fiery Peace here: 2016 Blog Posts.

30 Day Challenge: Week 2, The Grumpiest Week of Them All

The first few days of this week were tough. It wasn’t so much staying committed to the plan. I woke up on Monday angry, jittery, and weak. For the first time, I doubted myself and began to feel like I was going to fail at this challenge. Who knew saying good bye to sugar was so tough? (Oh, that's right, everybody who has ever tried to kick the habit.)

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