Dear Seekers

A Fiery Peace first launched in 2016. I was three months into a self-imposed health break after the stress of my job began to negatively impact my physical and mental health. Three months into recovery and I was certain I had all the answers. I created this blog to (humbly) share the wisdom that three months of work can bring.

Two years, two jobs, a divorce, a death in the family, a birth control-induced manic episode, and a stint at St. Joseph’s Behavioral Health Unit later, and I realized, much like Jon Snow, I know nothing. (Game of Thrones friends, are ya with me??)

Two years of struggle led to a lot of learning, growth, and resilience. If there is one thing I can say with absolute certainty, I am one resilient woman.

The woman I was in early 2016 was lovely, hopeful, and healthy. She felt like she had cracked the code and would live blissfully ever after. Surprise surprise, she is not who I am today.

A Fiery Peace has been reworked to better reflect growth in its ever evolving forms. This will be a space for introspection, curiosity, and discovery. I am writing for those of us who are seeking a greater understanding of who we are and why we are. Those of us who believe in energy, faith, intuition, and the beauty and power of universal experiences.

Mental health will be at the forefront of these explorations. My time in the hospital taught me that not only will 1 in 4 of us experience a mental illness in our lifetime, but many of us are afflicted with chronic conditions. It was freeing, this knowledge that recovery, relapse, repeat was normal. My mindset shifted and once I stabilized, I began building tools, resources, and a community dedicated to mental health advocacy to help me rebuild.

I hope that in this space, we can continue to grow that community of Wellness Warriors. My goals is for this to be a digital home for seekers. A place that is safe and supportive, where people can feel less alone, and where we can break the stigmas associated with mental illness through open and honest communication.

The biggest shifts from 2016 me to (almost) 2019 me, are two new anchoring beliefs. We are all students in life. Our power as a community comes from curiosity, rather than righteous knowing.

So thank you for reading this. Thank you if you choose to share this. And thank you for being part of my community.