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Let's do this! Check out my blog for real world explorations and applications of holistic wellness. I believe in the power of fitness, nutrition, spirituality, psychology and good old fashioned kindness (to ourselves and to each other). Practicing wellness in these areas has led me my healthiest happiest self. I want to share that health and happiness with you!

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Things I am: Writer. Fitness Nut. Kitchen Diva. Spiritual Newbie. Psychology Nerd. Things I am not: a nutritionist, a personal trainer or a psychologist. Just a regular human woman attempting to live with health, wellness and positivity fueling the thousands of decisions I get to make every day. I'm confident we can learn to embrace wellness together. 

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Want to connect? It could be great for both of us! After all, friendship has been shown to provide physical and psychological benefits. Reach out and let me know what's on your mind. In a fitness rut and could use a boost? Have questions, comments, concerns about the number of donuts I ate on Saturday? I'm all ears. 

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